November Wrap

bacon-wrapped-turkey November at Big Blue Door began with a disaster. Literally. Fears of Hurricane Sandy hitting Virginia led us to reschedule October’s improv class showcases at Live Arts for the first week in November. Despite all the chaos the two Improv Character & Scene classes put on an awesome show!

On November 15 we held another Big Blue Door Jam at The Bridge featuring a great selection of storytellers inspired by the theme of ‘Law and Disorder.’ Jamie Dyer, Jude Silveira, Rose Harper, Charlie Davis, Kasey Soska, Bret Wilson, and Martyn Kyle all presented stories, and the night was opened by Terri Long from our most recent Telling True Stories class. Jude took home the Big Blue Door Jam jam! (Our next Big Blue Door Jam is Dec 20th at Black Market Moto Saloon, and our next Telling True Stories class begins in January.) Thanks to Sean McCord for running sound, Sophie Mitchell for helping with the door, and Sabra Guzman for pictures (which we still haven’t posted)!

Not much else to report since we took the last two weeks of November off, the first for visiting relatives and the Thanksgiving holiday, and the last week for a trip to Charleston, SC.

See you in December!

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