Thanks ‘Law & Disorder’!

Kasey Soska. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Thanks for a fabulous Big Blue Door Jam last night at The Bridge PAI! Our Jammers brought great stories to a packed house inspired by the theme of ‘Law & Disorder.’ There were lots of tales of illicit substances.

Before the official Jam started Terri Long, a graduate of our Telling True Stories class, told us of early romantic misadventures.

Rosemarie Harper shared some tantalizing dynamics of the hardcore activist and standing up to a judge.

Jude Silveira described an adventurous night of roof climbing and breaking into a church.

Newcomer Brett Wilson told the saga of an epic battle with his nemesis, a little brown bat.

Newcomer Charlie Davis revealed some personal lows in Rochester, NY.

Newcomer Martyn Kyle chronicled a trip to a Pink Floyd show with friends in a Windstar Van and a close encounter with Boston’s Finest.

Newcomer Kasey Soska regaled us with the antics of his high school friends stealing golf balls.

Newcomer Jamie Dyer recounted how a chance meeting on a rural road led to a long, strange adventure.

The coveted Big Blue Door Jam jar of jam went to Jude Silveira!

Thanks to Sophie Mitchell and Christine Gresser for working the door, Sean McCord for doing our sound, Sean Tubbs for lending us recording equipment, Sabra Guzman for photographs, and Rhonda Miska for being our official volunteer time-keeper.

Thanks as well to our mighty teams of judges: Team Mother & Child Reunion, Team The Village, and Team Michael Parent. (This last team was a paean to but did not include former Cville resident Michael Parent!)

Pictures coming soon!

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