November at Big Blue Door is going to be fat and juicy like a big ol’ Thanksgiving turkey.

To start off, the Improv Class Showcase for the two Live Arts fall improv classes has been moved to this Monday, Nov 5 at Live Arts at 8pm! That’s two great classes performing together!

Speaking of class showcases our September-October Telling True Stories class showcase is going to be fantastic too and it’s on Nov 15 before our November Big Blue Door Jam!

Speaking of Telling True Stories classes, we still need one more student to run our November-December Telling True Stories class! It starts November 4th at 4:30 pm, so contact us at once if you’re interested!

The Big Blue Door Jam on Thursday, Nov 15 will be back at The Bridge again, and as nice as it is to perform in different spaces it sure is nice to be in what feels like a familiar home. Our theme is “Law and Disorder” and we already have a great line-up that we’ll announce next week! We still have some slots for December (the theme is ‘Family’) so let us know if you have a story.

I’ll be performing on November 17th at Live Arts Late Night, doing something allegedly comedic, I’m not sure what yet.

Also we begin to plan and promote a big event–Road Trip–coming up in February in which we’ll be inviting improv and comedy groups on their way from New York or other points northeast to the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival to stop over in Charlottesville and perform in exchange for lodging, food, and some gas money! More on this and how you can help soon!

We’re also doing a lot of administrative stuff this month which we’ll tell you about as the month goes on!

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