October Wrap

October is almost done! Jen and I feel overwhelmed by how much support we’ve had from this community, how welcome we’ve felt moving back here, and how much interest there’s been in Big Blue Door.

Our October Jam returned to The Bridge for the first time since July with stories inspired by the theme of ‘Ghosts.’ It was another standing-room-only house and an amazing collection of stories.

Stanley Ann, a play by Mike Kindle, was staged by the Hamner Theater at The Bridge PAI with Jen as the producer. It was a script Jen and I both wanted to see put up in Charlottesville, and also my first production as a member of The Bridge’s ‘Theater Crew,’ so we were both ecstatic that Hamner took it on, and proud of our association with a great show. Boomie Pedersen directed and Kate Adamson played Stanley Ann.

The biggest disappointment of the month was because of hurricane-induced fear of downed phone lines and power outages the double Improv Class Showcase had to be postponed till next week.Both classes will still perform together but now it will be next Monday, November 5. (Still at 8 pm at Live Arts.) Both improv classes have been wonderful (at least for me ha ha ha.) Thanks so much to the funniest students anywhere, to Live Arts, and to Bree Luck for supporting improv. We’re looking forward to more classes next year.

We also are winding up a Telling True Stories class at the Park School. It’s been a wonderful class with absolutely fantastic stories that I hope the public will soon hear at Big Blue Door Jams, and other shows. The next Telling True Stories class starts this Sunday, November 4th at 4:30. Email bigbluedoor.stories@gmail.com to register.

This website had over 2300 visits (almost 300 more than last month). We continued to get good media coverage both in print and online.

Thanks to The Bridge, Live Arts, Park School, Daily Progress, Cville, Cville Niche, WTJU, WNRN, Magnolia Haus, our Door Jam storytellers, judges & crew, our students, audience members, families, babysitters, and you for reading this!

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