Thanks ‘Ghosts’!

Thanks for a wonderful, spooky, Big Blue Door Jam last night at The Bridge PAI! Our Jammers brought great stories to a packed house inspired by the theme of ‘ghosts’ while outside as if on cue the rain poured and lightning flashed.

Miller Murray Susen led us off with an amazing and hilarious account of a Halloween costume that took on a monstrous life of its own!

Debra Weiss revealed a spine-tingling and life-saving encounter with a neighbor’s empty truck and her own deceased father.

DeeDee Stewart described a haunting of a different nature, an unforgettable kid she bonded with during a teaching stint and followed from afar ever since.

Tom Clay from last month’s Door Jam stepped in last minute to fill a slot, and brought us a tale of two tragic couples from different times but strangely intersecting fates.

Newcomer Sean McCord told a beautiful, sad story of the loss of a friend to cancer and a final fleeting encounter.

Newcomer Jason Bennett presented a tale within a tale of an important evening walk with his mom when she told him of a terrifying, ghostly night.

Speaking of ghostly, Elizabeth Derby finished the night with her tales of a boyfriend who could see the haunted, or was he haunted himself?

The coveted Big Blue Door Jam jar of jam went to Tom Clay!

Thanks to Kortney Jeffries for working the door, Tracie Skipper for doing our sound, Sean Tubbs for lending us recording equipment, and Uncle Ben for being our official volunteer time-keeper.

Thanks as well to our wonderful teams of judges: Team Epidural Hematoma, Team The Blackpots, and Team The Whethermen (from UVA’s improv group The Whethermen)

See more pictures on our Big Blue Door Facebook page.

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