Congratulations and kudos to two of my New York teachers!

My third improv teacher, Neil Casey, was hired last month to write for Saturday Night Live. Neil is one of the best and funniest improvisers I’ve ever seen; fantastic especially at slow comedy, object work, and strong characters in the Upright Citizens Brigade team Death by Roo Roo.

My friend T.J. Mannix, who was also my teacher for a class in on-camera auditioning, has just gone on the road with one of Chicago-based Second City touring groups.

Along with his acting and teaching T.J. was co-host of the Magnet Mixer, and one of the founders of the New York Musical Improv Festival.

One thought on “Congrats

  1. Good luck to them. and,
    Good luck to you Joel Jones. We can’t wait to come see one of your shows in Charlottesville, we saw you perform in New York and you are terrific and we know your students will be.
    Joyce and Harold, N. Y.

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