Thanks Castes and Cliques!

Last night our third Big Blue Door Jam was a great success at Sweet Haus. It was standing-room only again with a wonderful slate of storytellers.

Our storytellers brought stories inspired by the theme of “Castes and Cliques.” Our friend and July performer Leo Arico couldn’t be there last night because of a sick pet, but Rosemarie Harper agreed to step in and take the slot as an audience volunteer. Sarah Jackson had to postponed her story as well for a future date.

Tom Clay started things off with his hilarious misadventures as an English teacher in Switzerland that culminated in needing to urinate while flying in a small private plane.

Jude Silviera divulged the tragicomic rite of passage for staff in a training facility for severely emotionally and mentally impaired adults.

Meghan Eckman described leaving the perfect job when it turned out not so perfect.

Browning Porter rounded out the first half with memories of a high school friendship that couldn’t bridge a status gap.

Rosemarie Harper told us about going from being the elite in the wrong side of town in middle school to a very different experience in high school.

Brodrick Jones shared the David-and-Goliath rivalry at his small private school between the video update and the student newspaper.

Peter Jones once again handled the sound. Kortney Jeffreys was our gracious and skillful box office manager and usher. Jen was executive producer and grand poobah, and I was M.C.

Additionally, Susan Manning Parmar of Susan Parmar Photography came to take pictures of our little shindig. We can’t wait to see them!

Thanks also to our three judging teams, Creatures of Habit, Equinoxious, and Still Debating That. It was a neck-in-neck competition, but by our tie-breaking rules the jar of Big Blue Door Jam jam went to Browning Porter! Congratulations, Browning!

And thank you thank you thank you to Tara and all the folks at Sweet Haus for turning over the room to us and having delicious edibles!

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