Hints & Premonitions

Our Big Blue Door True Stories Jam is coming up this Thursday at Sweet Haus (8 pm!), and we wanted to give a little taste of some of the great stories you’ll hear:

Tom Clay who lives and works at Innisfree Village gives us insight into climbing the class ladder.

Documentary filmmaker Meghan Eckman recalls the perfect job that wasn’t so perfect after all.

Longtime Cville resident Sarah Jackson recalls how she learned painfully that there’s no “I” in team.

Belmont denizen Leo J. Arico remembers the only time he ever saw a segregated public restroom.

Puppeteer Brodrick Jones describes a high school rivalry leading to a lesson in politics.

Former Wunderkammer & Shentai producer Jude Silveira tells us about Ingrid and a work-place initiation.

Poet and musician Browning Porter presents scenes from a 25th high school reunion.


With sound by the intrepid Peter Jones, WTJU’s folk director, and hosted by Jen and moi!
Join us!








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