Stanley Ann

Jen is producing a wonderful new play called Stanley Ann for the wonderful Hamner Theater. It’s a script written by Mike Kindle about Barack Obama’s mother. This is a one-hour, one-woman show to be performed by Kate Adamson and directed by Boomie Pedersen that will be presented at The Bridge October 25th, 26th & 27th.

Reserve tickets by calling the Hamner at 434-361-1999

The play follows Stanley Ann’s journey from idealistic college student who impulsively marries first a Kenyan and then an Indonesian, to housewife of a civil servant in a very corrupt Asian government trying to raise two children, and on to respected anthropologist and one of the developers of micro-loans. It draws heavily on Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father, but uses other sources as well.

I saw it staged last summer at the Capital Fringe festival and really liked how rapidly it moved through time, how deftly it portrayed character and change in character, how unsparingly it viewed the Third World, and how it addressed politics and government.

Whether you like Obama as president or not, this is a play that will make you think, feel and wonder. (Unless you believe Obama was born in Kenya in which case this play’s not for you. Hey, we can’t please everyone.)

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