Thanks Unnecessary Suffering!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful sold-out show last night at the Bluegrass Grill and Bakery!

We had a packed house and great stories from our smart and wonderful storytellers about all kinds of unnecessary suffering. After an audience game where we heard about various ways audience members accidentally hurt themselves culminating in the tale of a severed thumb…

Koli Cutler started us off with memories of being a kid with diabetes at Halloween time.

Josephine Stewart remembered a tragicomic non-funeral for her troubled grandfather.

Elizabeth Derby told us a comic saga of a big problem…trying to buy the perfect couch.

I told a story about the lifelong repercussions of breaking a prom date.

Tracie Skipper started the second half of the show with her vivid account of her short career as a professional stage manager.

Rhonda Miska shared a dramatic piece about a US veteran returned from the Iraq war.

Ray Nedzel won the Big Blue Door Jam jam with a comic account of a love affair assisted by George Michael.

Finally, Joel told a story about kidnapping the Tri-Delta sorority guinea pig.

Photo by Sabra Guzman

Our sound was leveled and peaked by the excellent Peter Jones.

Meghan Eckman stepped in to record the show for possible radio use. (More on that soon!)

Our official August photographer was Aunt Claire.

Our official time-keeper was audience volunteer J.T.

Our wonderful judging teams were Team Duct Tape, Team Red Velvet Pancakes, and Team Belmont Bridge-Jumpers.

Our admission was staffed graciously by Lexi.

Thanks to Peter Jones, Jamie Dyer, Jeff Romano, and Browning Porter for lending/finding us the equipment!

Our babysitter back home was Tara Joy. (Good luck in college!)

Finally, thanks to Lalah, Chrissy, and Jim of the Bluegrass Grill!


Here’s Lalah on the far right with The Womenfolk on Ed Sullivan back in the day::

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