August at Big Blue Door will begin hot and crazy but then there will be a comforting, breezy vacation lull.

Our second Big Blue Door Jam is coming on on August 16th with some great local folks telling true stories inspired by the theme of “Unnecessary Suffering.” Speaking of unnecessary suffering we’ll be experimenting for the first time with judges, so the whole thing could end in disaster! Or it might just be even more fun, which is what we want it to be!

Joel’s Telling True Stories class continues at The Bridge and Piedmont Council for the Arts through August. Another Telling True Stories class begins in September as does a Character & Scene Improv class at Live Arts so email if want a notification when sign-up begins.

Also during the first half of August Joel or I or all three us will be making another trip to New York as we consolidate our belongings and move into our new apartment downtown. We’re very excited after 18 months of nomadic wandering to finally have a permanent (or semi-permanent) home.

Then during the last two weeks of August we’ll be taking a hiatus from frantic activity to get ready for the frantic activity of September, which will include another Door Jam, plus another show, a new class, and a couple of surprise announcements that we can’t announce now or they wouldn’t be surprises!

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