July Wrap-Up

July is over, our second official month of Big Blue Door, and we’re so grateful for the community support.

We had our first Big Blue Door True Stories Jam at The Bridge PAI with a packed house, fantastic stories, and a good time had by all.

Also at The Bridge we started our first Telling True Stories class, a six-session course co-sponsored by The Bridge and the Piedmont Council for the Arts.

As the Telling True Stories class was getting started, our first Improv Character and Scene class at Live Arts was finishing up. It went out with a bang: a funny and smart show at the Live Arts building last night.

We also had a one-day workshop at Writer House on Writing Sketch Comedy that was a lot of fun. After being gone for so many years it was great to see Charlottesville with so many smart, talented writers.

We also revamped our website, joined twitter, and began to organize for the fall. Our shows and classes benefited from getting strong media coverage, including the C-ville, Hook, Daily Progress, and WTJU. We’re grateful to them and to the word of mouth, which has been phenomenal.

Our two shows brought in a total of nearly a hundred audience members, featured fifteen performers, and relied on six more staff and volunteers behind the scenes; the classes had/have a total of 21 students; and this website had over 1500 hits (more than double our total hits for June).

One area where we were not as successful: We’re not using Facebook especially well. We’d like to improve our efforts in that area.

Thanks to The Bridge, Live Arts, Piedmont Council for the Arts, Writer House, WTJU, the C-ville, the Hook, and the Daily Progress. Thanks as well to everyone for performing, taking pictures, working the door, featuring us in the papers and on the radio, taking classes, coming to shows, reading what we’re up to, or just clicking on a photo or two! We appreciate it!

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