Best Friends Forever Recap

Fantastic night last night at The Bridge for our first Big Blue Door Storytelling Jam. We had about 50-55 people in the house at the start and another 15-25 came at intermission.

We started with a question-and-answer game in which audience members and best friends Leslie and Beth won two Door Jam stickers for having the most enduring best-friendship in the house, and for divulging that Leslie is high maintenance and Beth sometimes pretends to be busy when she isn’t!

Debra Weiss led off with our first story, sharing observations, memories, and quips about an ever-evolving-yet-ever-dysfunctional friend.

Leo Arico remembered his sandbox with worms in it and the kid next door whose parents were, “older than electricity.”

Miller Murray Susen told us about acting out parts of the Laura Ingalls Wilder stories that weren’t in the books. And getting caught doing it.

Browning Porter showed us how to make bird characters with our bare hands as he talked of the boy on the bus who showed him how, and the sad story of the boy’s family, Browning’s childhood neighbors.

Adam Brock had us keeled over with the gory details of the gastroenterological aftermath of his honeymoon that had him keeled over.

Mendy St.Ours described a night of truth or dare where she revealed a crush, got stuck on a fence, and ended up drenched.

And DeeDee Stewart remembered a friendship through the years, including a coming-of-age trip to Myrtle Beach with her best friend.

Because this is our first show we didn’t have judges. Instead we gave out the coveted Big Blue Door Jam jam jar by drawing a name from a hat. The winner: Adam Brock! Next month we will have judges and more stories! Write to us at if you’d like to tell a story or be a judge.

Peter Jones ran our sound, overcoming a few obstacles. Kortney and Nick worked the door, and I hosted.

My Big Blue Door partner and spouse, Jen Hoffman Jones, created the music, oversaw the box office, pulled it all together into a working production, and kept it all afloat.

Pictures coming soon!

Thanks to all of our storytellers for making the night so memorable and for our audience members, friends, and family for coming out to the Jam. And…The Bridge PAI rocks!

Our next Big Blue Door Storytelling Jam is August 16th. Details TBA!

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