Del Close Marathon in NY Times

The Upright Citizens Brigade just got a nice write up in the New York Times for their Del Close Festival. The UCB first brought longform improv to NYC. They were a Chicago improv troupe that moved to NYC in 1996 with Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, and Ian Roberts. They founded the UCB Theater in New York, brought Armando Diaz as their first teacher who later started the PIT and the Magnet, and originated the annual Del Close Festival in NYC. The festival brings longform groups from all over the world to perform day and night for one weekend.

Thanks Jude Silveira pointing out the article.

One thought on “Del Close Marathon in NY Times

  1. There is a fabulous new group in Charllottesville, Virginia. The Big Blue Door. They are giving improv lessons in C,ville. Putting on shoes every month: Story telloing, true stories, etc., improv and more. Check them out on: and if you are in that part of Virginia, make sure to see them.

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