June Wrap-Up

June Carter Cash. Get it? “June”! Ha ha ha

Big Blue Door is coming to the end of June 2012, our first official month of existence.

Joel got to guest-teach with the wonderful Hamner Improv Troupe, and began Improv Character & Scene, the course he’s teaching at Live Arts. Joel also performed a story about riding on a night train in Egypt at Scheherazade, a story show at The Bridge.

Mostly, I’ve been preparing for our Big Blue Door Jam on July 19, handling administrative stuff, and preparing for our upcoming classes and events. I’ve also had to make another trip to NYC this week. We’re both adjusting happily to life back in Virginia.

July is going to be a big month for us. Joel’s Telling True Stories class begins at The Bridge on the 15 (sign up starts July 1), and we have the Door Jam on the 19th. On the 28th Joel is teaching a one-day workshop at the Writer House, and on the 31st is the show for the Live Arts improv class.

We’re also excited to be meeting with the Offstage board to talk about the future of that organization, including calling for scripts for this year, possibly announcing our first play, and getting ready for classes, shows, and events this fall.

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