Join us TONIGHT, JULY 19 for our first BIG BLUE DOOR JAM, featuring True Stories on the theme of “Best Friends Forever.”

Every third Thursday of every month starting July 19 we are proud to present our BIG BLUE DOOR JAM, a show of true 6-8 minute stories on changing themes in changing venues! We are especially excited that our inaugural show will be at The Bridge PAI. Our first theme will be “Best Friends Forever” and feature invited storytellers from the Charlottesville area.

Starting in August we’ll begin to open the show to volunteers both as storytellers and as teams of judges. So if you want to tell a true story in August come July 19 to sign up, and if you want to volunteer to judge future shows come July 19 to see our format! Judges will work in teams to select a monthly favorite, and JAM favorites will be featured in our BIG BLUE DOOR SLAM at least once a year!

July 19, 8 PM @ The Bridge PAI

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