Future of Publishing Pt II

This is the second of a series of three (or maybe four) posts about publishing. The first part is here which is mostly a link to this essay.

On a blog called Obsidian Wings there were four posts with discussion. Not ‘must-read’ but let’s call them ‘worth-read.’ Examples and reactions, that sort of thing. The defenders of the publishing industry sound a lot like the defenders of the record industry and the defenders of the non-profit theater. It’s understandable that individuals who work hard to make institutions function as well as possible don’t like it when those institutions are trashed, but human institutions belong to all of us, not just those who run them.

Read ’em in order:





UPDATE: Here was originally a Pt III with two more links:

Here is a stay-off-my-lawn essay by the curmudgeonly Lewis Lapham about electronic publishing. I don’t agree with it but the curmudgeons are often right.

Here is a media-savvy interview by Clay Shirky.

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