Posters from some New York activities:

The Kicks was my regular improv team that performed weekly at the Magnet for most of 2011.

This show combined a short bar play produced many times in Charlottesville called 'Answer Man' with two other sketches. The lovely poster was designed by Jen Sanders. One of the sketches had a sight gag with a spider web that never once worked in performance. Beware of tech!

This was a drawing by the talented Michael Short that was used as the basis for a poster of King Canute, an improv team that performed for most of 2010. Michael's cartoon version of himself is on the far left with the chain mail and shield. The cartoon me is next to him in the wizard get-up.

Campfire Stories was a story-telling group that performed monthly at the Parkside Lounge and every few months at the People's Improv Theater. It regularly featured Amy Dixon, Bess Miller, Darcy Burke, Erik Bergstrom, Kim Ramirez, and me.

This show was put together by the hilarious Jamaal Sedayao.

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