Improv Class at Live Arts

UPDATE: Class starts Monday at 6!!! To sign up you can register directly with Live Arts online.


This introduction to Longform Improv will teach you how to create spontaneous, hilarious scenes and life-infused characters that build into a fully-original show. In seven weeks of exercises, games, and a final class performance you’ll learn how to play fearlessly with other smart people in focused abandon; how to draw inspiration from almost anything; and how to find what’s funny and compelling in real human emotions, quirks, and experiences! Longform Improv is the comedy training of many performers on programs like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Colbert Report, and the Daily Show.

Classes run Monday nights 6-8 PM from June 11 thru July 23 with the class show on July 31 at Live Arts. Limited to twelve students.

To enroll or for more information, contact the Live Arts education director, Bree Luck at (434) 977-4177, ext. 100, or email

Thanks to our friend Cristan Keighley for this great little graphic!

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